Data Gaurdians
Data is a precious resource. Gathering data may be an expensive task, which requires a good understanding of what one has and what is yet missing. Good data understanding is a mandatory requirement to better data analysis. This is where our data guardians come into play. Just like superheroes in a Marvel’s movie, data guardians are charged with understanding a dataset inside and out, and guarding it against misuse. With our data guardians you are never alone. Whenever you are of a need of a dataset, call one of our data guardians and they will walk through the process of gaining access to data and assist in jumpstarting your data analytics.

FEIII - Financial Entity Identification and Information Integration

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Our first observations were published in the DSMM workshop hosted by ACM SIGMOD 2018 conference - Community Detection in Financial Entities.

ABOUT THE CHALLENGE - The wide field of financial data exploration includes identification of relationships between companies, spotting and predicting trends, understanding the rationale behind clusters of entities etc. (Challenge Website).

ABOUT THE DATA - The dataset consists information about publicly traded financial entities, as well as information about their relationships among them such as subsidiaries, ownerships and competition. Currently, our main goal is to detect competitive relationships between companies and analyze the dominant features for competition creation.

ABOUT ME - I am a B.Sc student in Industrial Engineering and Management, Information systems, Technion. Additionally, I am a psychometry and math private tutor. Besides Hebrew and English, I am a fluent Arabic speaker. My hobbies are basketball, hiking, reading and listening to podcasts.

Bar Genossar

Customer Club Data of a Large Israeli Food Corporation

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ABOUT THE DATA - The dataset will consist information regarding each customer and her shopping history.

ABOUT ME - I Moved to Israel 8 years ago. I Was in 1% of the world best players in Dota2 (online video game) and was the youngest psychometry teacher in Israel. I like to play board and competitive games, read fantasy, science, fiction and nonfiction Books and listen to music.

Alexander Chapanin

Afimilk - Advanced Dairy Management Solutions Company

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ABOUT THE CHALLENGE - The Afimilk company is developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management. The first electronic milk meter in the world was introduced by Afimilk in 1977. The company’s systems are installed and in use on thousands of farms in 50 countries across five continents.

ABOUT THE DATA - The dataset will include reports such as: milk-report from milking sensors (Afimilk MPC milk meter) and cow-report from cows monitoring sensors etc.

ABOUT ME - I was born and raised in Haifa. I did "shnat sherut" in a boarding school called "Hadasa Neurim". I served in "Orev Zanhanim" - a paratrooper's unit of the IDF. I like cooking, hiking and above all watching TV series. I'm a B.Sc student of Data science and engineering at the Technion and work as a guide of teenagers group in the scouts.

Nitay Calderon